Below is an example of the WindowsEngine.ini file that can be altered by GM's on private servers and Offline players. For Offline, the file is located in the Steamapps directory under Common/Fragmented/Config/Windows/. (for Windows users)

Adjusts all damage done (by players and NPCs). Examples
1.0 = baseline, 0.5 = 50% damage, 2.0 = 200% damage, etc.


Allows PvP if this is True.


Player Loses Items on Death.


Player Loses Skills/Level on Death


Message of the Day to display to all players when they log in.

MOTD="Welcome to my custom server. PvP is disabled."

Tweaks NPC health and damage. Examples
1.0 = baseline, 0.25 = 25% damage/health, 1.5 = 150% damage and health, etc.


Tweaks Experience given. Examples
1.0 = baseline, 0.5 = 50% slower, 2.0 = 200% faster, etc.


Can you destroy others buildings?


Hunger modifier (> get hungry faster). Examples
1.0 = baseline, 0.25 = 25% less, 1.5 = 150% higher, etc.


Thirst modifier (> get thirsty faster).


Sprint stamina usage (> is more stamina spent). Examples
1.0 = baseline, 0.25 = 25% slower 1.5 = 150% faster, etc.


Recover stamina modifier (> is more stamina recovered). Examples
1.0 = baseline, 0.5 = 50% slwoer, 2.0 = 200% faster, etc.


Adjusts the decay rate (> last longer, < decays faster). Value is clamped to .1 in code.


Any of the tweak values which default to 1.0 can be modified to any decimal number (though it is sometimes clamped to a certain min/max range by certain) to give fine tuning. If you multiply that value by 100 you would have the percentage from baseline. So 1.0 is always baseline (100%), 1.25 = 125% of baseline (25% faster than usual), 3.0 = 300% of baseline (3x more or faster), 0.1 = 10% of baseline, etc.

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