Studded Mubark
Players must achieve level 10 in Textile to learn the recipes for this armor set. It is crafted by first creating the Mubark pieces, then adding Glue and Mubark Tusk harvest from the Mubark creature. A Crafting Station is required. 
Type Armor Warmth vs. Heat vs. Electric
Studded Mubark Gauntlets 16 1% +5% -13%
Studded Mubark Boots 16 1% +5% -13%
Studded Mubark Helmet 20 2% +5% -13%
Studded Mubark Leggings 20 2% +5% -13%
Studded Mubark Breastplate 24 3% +10% -18%
Total 96 +9% +5% -14%

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