Reinforced Rocharus

To craft this set, players will need to reach tier 8 in Textile. The Gauntlet and Boots are available at level 6 and the Helmet and Leggings at level 7. Materials need to craft it include Rocharus Hide, Calibrite, Rhyolite, Gold and Glue. Players will also need access to a Crafting Station.

Type Armor Warmth vs. Heat vs. Electic
Reinforced Rocharus Gauntlets 11 0.1% 0% -10%
Reinforced Rocharus Boots 11 0.1% 0% -10%
Reinforced Rocharus Helmet 14.5 0.23% 0% -11%
Reinforced Rocharus Leggings 14.5 0.2% 0% -11%
Reinforced Rocharus Tunic 18 0.3% 0% -12%
Total 69 1% 0% -11%

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