Crafting in Fragmented is pretty straight forward. Players can open the crafting panel by hitting "L" on their keyboard. This will allow them to see recipes they have learned and what they need to collect before then can create specific items.  To learn more recipes, players will need to put points into the types of crafting they wish to learn. The player earns points as they level.  The different types of crafting are:

  • Electronics - Wire, Scanners, Turrets, Bots, Shields, Vehicles, Stations
  • Melee - Knives, Swords, Axes
  • Ranged - Distance weapons (rifles, guns)
  • Refining - Glass, Rubber, Farming items, Picks, Glue, Acid, Fertilizer
  • Subsistence - Food items, Adrenalines, Genetically Engineered items and creatures. 

Crafting specific items requres specific devices or tools. These include

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