Food can be obtained by eating raw berries that player's can harvest from various plants or by cooking meat they harvest from mobs they encounter. These foods do have a decay timer, however, that is displayed on the stack of items. Once the timer ticks to zero, the top item in that stack will disappear and the timer will reset. Lockers, crates and refrigerators will slow the decay rate at different speeds so that an item that would usually only last an hour in a player's inventory may last 24 or more hours when placed in a refrigerator.

Water can be replenished through rain, drinking juice or from a waterskin previously filled through swimming or precipitation. Players can also craft a water tower and place it at their base. They have a 1000 water capacity and use 10 water to refill waterskins.

Icons on the right side of the players screen will indicate the thirst and hunger levels.

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